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  • Stroller Navigation Handle
  • Stroller Safety Locks
  • Sun Umbrellas & Parasols
  • Adult Stroller Rain Umbrella
  • Stroller Organizer Bag

  • Exciting New Stroller Accessory Products from Sasha's

    Sasha's has added several new products to it's line. We now offer the Easy Stroll one-hand support grip, High Fashion Stroller Umbrellas and Parasols with Easy to Use attaching clamps, Stroller locks to protect your stroller from being stolen and more.

    Additional Information

    Stroller Navigation Handle: little).

    Umbrellas and Parasols: anywhere outdoors.

    Sasha's Silver Cross Dazzle/Micro clear vinyl Rain and Weather Covers protect a baby/child's delicate eyes, skin and body from the Rain, Wind, Sleet and Snow, the Cold, Dust and Debris, and Flying Insects. They are waterproof, have holes for ventilation, and are easy to attach. They allow parents to see in and children to see out at all times.

    Stroller and Jogger Protective Safety Lock: things.


    Sasha's offers a complete line of Infant Carrier / Car Seat, Stroller and Jogging Stroller products. Please browse through our website pages.